Sunday, January 24, 2010

Small Update: Crowns, Ice Cream, and Puppets

Eric and Beth have a friend that introduced the movie Snow White to them for the first time. We had a girl in the house that truly "gets" the princess thing. So of course we made crowns and capes for everyone.
Beth really got into it.
We realized something the other day. Eric has never had an ice cream cone! So we took the only logical action. He was thrilled with his first taste but didn't get very far. You see, Eric has never been one to eat lots of sweets. He ate most of the top part and that was enough for him.
Beth on the other had suffers from no such inhibitions. She eats every bit of ice cream within reach.
For Christmas this year one of the best things the kids got was a bunch of puppets. We have been doing puppet shows from behind the couch almost daily. Here is a little clip from Eric's first show.


Mary Ann, Michael, and Jonathon Climer said...

Cassie I can't believe how big your kids are getting. Wish I could have seen you over new years, but life got too crazy. I'll call sometime and we can catch up!

Mary said...

Very cute, how come you didn't think of that ice cream cone thing when I was visiting?! How rude. :) I like the new background, it's cute. Tell Eric he did a great job on his puppet show.

Stephanie said...

How adorable! Beth's a girl after my own heart.

Margie B said...

Very cute! You are such a fun mom.

Lela Mom said...

Oh my goodness Eric is so great! He's the star of his own show. I love it! I love Beth's love for ice cream too, but sure wish I had Eric's attitude toward it!

Mom Alleman said...

What a fun Blog! It's so nice to see the "Alleman tradition" of puppet shows being passed onto the next generation! I wish I could've helped Eric eat his ice cream cone :) What cute kids!! We love and miss you so much!