Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weekend Conference Visits

We sure had a crowd over Conference weekend! Dad, Mom, Megan, Kacey, Tyler stayed with us and Jason, Ellen, and Gavin crashed at Zach and Alison's. We kept very busy. Dad had tickets to the different sessions, and we had Kacey's bridal shower Friday night, which was wonderful. Thanks to everyone who helped.

Eric and Beth loved having Gavin here. They both love babies, and Gavin--despite being almost nine months younger than Beth--is nearly as big as her, so they were able to play with him more. I heard Eric saying things like, "Oh, how cute!" and, "Stop drooling, Gavin!" Poor Gavin had a cold and was teething, but he was a good sport.

The cousins. Can you tell they're related?
Beth quickly took to her Grandparents and liked to touch Grandpa's finger. (No, not pull it, just touch.)

Beth phone home.By the end of the weekend she was following him around and they were fast friends.
She also liked cuddling with Grandma and especially like reading stories with her.
Kacey was very patient while Eric helped her apply her makeup. I'm sorry that I didn't get any pictures with future Uncle Tyler, but Eric remembers him. He's prayed for him the last two nights in a row.
As always, Beth loves playing with Zach and Alison.
Eric is still asking for Aunt Megan and wants to play with her.

Everyone has now been gone for a few days and things are just starting to get back to normal. The kids love seeing their Grandpa and Grandma. (How can they not when the grandparents' motto is: "My grandkids aren't spoiled! They don't get anything they don't point at first!"?). Thank you everyone for the memorable weekend, and please come again soon!

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Mary said...

Looks like it was a fun weekend. Glad you got to visit with the Alleman family!