Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aunt Mary

My sister came into town for the week and we all loved having her here (although I think it was really, REALLY, hard for her to be away from Sam that long). Thanks Sam for letting her come and thanks Mary for coming. Eric loved having Mary here to snuggle and play with him.
My sister is quite the cook, here are some of "little" treats that she made: cherry turnovers. She also made us personal beef Wellingtons with mushrooms. Sorry I didn't get any pictures. Holy cow good!
Mary wondered if this was normal behavior for Eric. I'm sorry to say that yes it is. Behold, my motivation for keeping the bathrooms clean.
This is Eric making sure that his trains get some time looking out the window.
I forgot to warn Mary that we can't leave warm clean clothes where Eric can find them. He LOVES warm clean clothes.
Thanks Mary. You are welcome back anytime.


Mike and Judy said...

Those cherry turnovers look like a little bit of heaven!

Nikki said...

Those pictures of Eric are HIL.AR.IOUS!!! What a corker.

And wow, those cherry turnovers look amazing. I'm tempted to look up some recipes right now!

Stephanie said...

So adorable! Wish I was there for the food... *drool*