Monday, April 6, 2009


Eric is finally branching out and starting to like other things besides Thomas the Tank. This is a picture of him watching Aladdin for the first time and being totally enthralled with it. He held his sandwich in this same position for almost 10 minutes during the magic carpet scene. It’s hard to see how big the blankets are piled here, but that’s Eric sleeping curled up alone on his pillow while his 3 giant stuffed bears, 1 five-foot long dragon, 3 blankets, 1 stuffed dog, 1 stuffed cat, Ernie and Zoey (from Sesame Street), and 4 books are tucked carefully into his bed.
This is Eric proudly showing me the full roll of toilet paper he unrolled today. Before I found this, he was going to the bathroom and taking a little longer than needed. When I called out and asked him what he was doing he answered: “Playing with the toilet paper, Mommy”.


trumpet girl said...

It won't be the last time. Kirsten has been doing that at least once a week for 2 years now. This past week she actually rolled it back up herself. Small miracles.

Mary said...

That's some pretty funny stuff. I hope this lets me post this time, because I tried to comment on your last post and it wouldn't let me. Weird.

I love you! Thanks for sharing your family with me.

ellen said...

How funny! Your kids are just too cute!

Stephanie said...

CASSIE!!! I'm so thrilled to finally find you! I found you through Nicole's blog and I've been searching for you for years! Kyle and I have both wondered what happened to you after your mission and now we know: a wonderful husband and two gorgeous kids! Please, please email me: milbergers @ gmail dot com

We have a blog too but it's private so I need your email before you can see ours. Invite and all that.

XXOO - Steph (+ Kyle + Katie + David)