Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eric and the Dentist

We did it! Eric went to the dentist today and everything went great! I am so relieved. We went to a pediatric dentist here in the area that one of Mom’s triathlon friends recommended and he was wonderful. Eric had his x-rays and examination done and not a single cavity! Yeah! For those of you who have spent some time with Eric you know that he chews on his lower lip, the dentist said that this really needs to be corrected before he does damage to his developing mouth. (i.e. retract his jaw and give himself buck teeth.) He recommended using things like bad-tasting Chapstick to help deter him from the habit.

I just wish that my dentist visit this morning went as well. I have a back molar that is cracked in two places and I need a crown. Whimper whimper sob sob. I have never had one before and am not looking forward to it. However, on the brighter side, Ryan came out without a single cavity! Yeah for him and Eric! Can I just say that I am grateful for good dentists and insurance. What a blessing.


elise said...

that's great! yea for eric!

on the other hand, i just got a crown too, pregnancy problems... i guess it's what happens! good luck with it all.

trumpet girl said...

I had a crown last month. The temporary is pretty bad, but the permanent is fine. I have heard that it is pretty common to get one per pregnancy.

Mary said...

Congrats on the clean teeth! Cute video, I like how Beth is destroying everything in the background.

Lela Mom said...

YES! What a great word! And of course Mary would notice Beth...now I better watch the video again. And again. And again...so cute! I LOVE YOU ERIC!

Mom Alleman said...

We are so glad that Eric's trip to the Dentist went so well! The video of him is so cute! I'm like your Mom, Cassie--I like to watch the videos over and over again. It must be a "Grandma" thing:)