Sunday, August 10, 2008


Mary and Sam came through this last week on their way to and from Texas. They went down to pick up some horses for the ranch. Eric and Beth were both thrilled with the animals! When it was time for them to leave we had to drag Eric away crying. He has even been asking for Mary, Sam and the horses for the last two days.
Eric thinks that he can pull himself through the bars by sheer desire.
This is Mary introducing Beth to Fancy for the first time.


The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

ya! new stuff to read about you guys! Thanks for catching me up on everything, well actually i already knew half of it, but it's great to see new pictures and comments. Beth is getting so big and cute! I love the hat! Eric looks like he had a lot of fun with the horses. Hope you guys are doing good. Thanks for the update
love you all

elise said...

we have definately not seen enough pictures of beth! she's adorable, (looks so much like eric) and still so tiny! fun!

roadrunner said...

I had no idea that you guys all had blogs! I have had so much fun looking at all the cute pictures of your kiddos. Both of them are getting so big! I love the pictures of Eric in the dryer. He looks like he keeps you busy. Beth is so adorable. That picture of her in the hat is so cute! She looks so much different than she did a month ago when we saw you guys at Kellie's bridal shower. It is fun to watch them grow up, but don't you wish they would just stay little forever?
-Jeni Boston
P.S. Our blog is, if you ever want to come visit!