Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ruby Valley

Two weeks ago our whole family was able to go out and see Mary in Ruby Valley, Nevada for the weekend and meet all of Sam’s family. When we got there we got out of the car to see a bunch of cows. Eric excitedly run up to them and said, “Oh hello, moos!” He loved every minute of seeing cows, horses, cats, kittens, dogs and goats. We even got to see a cattle branding/castration. We all had the chance to ride horses and Eric showed no fear whatsoever. In fact, it was hard to keep him from walking up to random horses and trying to climb up the stirrups.

Beth and I were also able to go to Mary’s bridal shower. Mary sure is loved by the ladies there in the valley. Beth also won them all over after just a few minutes. By the way, Mary, is our gift coming in handy? Is it helpful?

My only regret is that we did not take more pictures, it is a beautiful place. Here are a few of the ones we did get.

Here is Eric up on Peach.

Ryan said he felt like a "dude" but he did a great job.

Here is Beth making eyes at Sam's mom Kathy.

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elise said...

it looks like beth's got the same eyes as eric (though i can't see color very well in this pic, are they as blue?)
she's got a great smile too, it also seems to run in the family! you guys are adorable, and i'm still glad you're blogging!